This was shot for my Pho 224 Multimedia Production class. The assignment was to create a sound portrait slideshow using soundslides. We had to study one subject and represent them through visual and audio portraits. This is just one of forty images that were taken for this project. I used an alien bee with a soft box. My canon 5D was used with a 24-105mm lens.

Always Coca-Cola!

This was another magazine ad shot for James Walters class. We had to try and copy an ad and make sure the lighting, shadows, highlights, texture etc, were as close as possible. I used my canon 5D along with two bron-color power packs and four bron-color lights. Two with grids and two with soft boxes.


Sexy Lady!

This was an image we had to shoot for James Walter. We had to choose any ad from any magazine and re-create it and come as close as possible to the ad as we could. I used my Canon 5D with a 24-105mm lens. I used one power pack with one bron-color light with a snoot. This was shoot in the studio.

I Love Pink!!!!!

This was shot for my Pho229 Advertising Photography Class. We had to create a Business card using InDesign or Illustrator. It had to represent our photography for self promotion. I Used an old image I had shot for my Large Format class and a new one that goes under the TJ. The one that is behind the TJ is kinda like my logo I would use on a real business card. I used my canon 5D and the outdoor light on the new image.


Commercial Portrait

This was an assignment for my Pho229 class. We had to shoot a commercial portrait of our instructor. I used the leaf aptus digital back on a mamiya. I had three bron-color lights setup using only one power pack.

Bling Bling

This was a jewelry assignment for my Pho229 Photography class. It was a jewelry advertisment that must be up close and dazzling. I used a 4x5 view camera with 4x5 transparency film and a 90mm lens. I had a limited amount of time to do this so I ended up shooting this in my bathroom on top of the toliet seat. I used two bron-color lights.


This was a demo multimedia project created for my Pho224 Digital class. We had to create a 1 minute Location slideshow.



This was another image shot for my group project assignment. This image is two images merged together in photoshop. I had to have the bottles look a certain way for our ad. The bottom part is one image and above that is another image. I used two bron-color lights with two soft boxes. One power pack was used along with my Canon 5D and 24-105mm lens.

Group Project

These images were shot for my Pho229 Advertising Photo class. This is an ongoing group project with a Graphics Design student. Me and my partner are creating a magazine ad for Calvin Klein. My models are Kasey Smith and Dusty Pressley. I used one bron-color power pack and one light with a snoot and some with a soft box. I had my canon 5D as usual and a 24-105mm lens.


Be creative!

This is my eye! This was shot in my photo 215 class last semester.We had to come up with one picture or many pictures that represented us as an individual. Inside my eye is my mom and grandma, they are my heros and made me who I am today. This was shot by Christy Bullins in the studio with a Nikon D200. A 55mm micro lens was used and a bron-color with a snoot.